mati mati is a passion turned dream, made manifest.

a dream, realized one star-filled summer night, in the heart of a beautiful soul. inspired by stunning things seen, and brought forth by a yearning for serenity unseen. both a calling, and an answer. mati mati was born.

When asked to describe the philosophy behind this collection, Lauren says, "We are a lifestyle brand that embodies the idea that the world we experience is a reflection of our own individual perceptions, and those perceptions alone. Choosing to see the world with eyes of wonder, with the intention to find the good, and with the understanding that life is, only and always, our mirror."

It is based on these principles that this creative collective is being brought forth. "Our great intention is that this line serve as a reminder that... on a soul level, we all want to see and experience the goodness of this world, and the ability to do so lies within our selves, and should not be so easily influenced by circumstances and the energies of those around us." Lauren hopes that this collection of home decor. jewelry, and personal accessories represents just that. "Whether it's beautiful bracelets stacked on your arm, or a pretty pillow on your bed- our wish is that you wear and display each piece with intention, with conviction, and as a reminder that the power is within each of us to SEE with intention."


when we change the way we look at things,
the things we look at change. 

love and light